Laziest to the most active zodiac sign

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01/13 Laziest to the most active zodiac sign

Extremely hardworking or workaholics to very lazy and procrastinators, the wheel of zodiac signs has them all. Some love working but some prefer not to but they have to because they have to earn a living. So here is a list of the laziest to the most diligent zodiac signs in that order.

02/13 Sagittarius

These guys love their freedom and the fact that they have control over it. Doing a 9 to 5 (officially) is just not for them. It is not about being lazy but more about living their life on their own terms. Hence, this commitment-phobic zodiac sign tops the list.

03/13 Aquarius

Very intelligent and curious, Aquarius does not like mundane or dull work scenarios. They cannot cope with anything which does not have excitement and different activities. If they feel that the work is beneath them, you can forget about getting anything on time.

04/13 Taurus

These folks have a tenacious side. Their stubbornness makes them out of sync with many teammates. They can do a job around the clock but their heart may not be in it if it is not to his or their comfort level.

05/13 Leo

They thrive on being the center of attention. However, they often underestimate their other peers and remain stranded. They do try to cover up with their charm and personality but you cannot rule out the laziness that reflects.

06/13 Pisces

They are somewhere driven and want to be the hands-on person but they have so much happened in their lives that focus can be all over the place. Their fantasy world dominates their imagination enough to take away the needed motivation at times. They say that they are victims of their “circumstances” but never accept that their procrastination ruled.

07/13 Cancer

A tricky zodiac indeed, Cancerians are steady but slow workers who are coined borderline lazy. Their fluctuating mood often affects their productivity.’

08/13 Libra

Librans strike a balance which is why they are in the middle of this list. They get the work done when they have the energy. They are extroverts and very friendly so they work well in group activities.

09/13 Gemini

Very talkative, people falling under this sign are a little lazy but not your average slowpokes. They show their laziness selectively when they are in a job that is mundane and has no variation.

10/13 Scorpio

These people are marred by their emotional lives which translates into their work lives. Otherwise highly determined and motivated. Scorpions do very well if they have put their mind into some task.

11/13 Aries

Aries are borderline motivational speakers which means they are beaming with energy. They do not let even a notion of procrastination enter their mindset. They aspire to be on the top.

12/13 Capricorn

Amongst the least lazy, Capricorns are said to be all work no play sorts. They are very ambitious and laziness rarely has any space in their lives.

13/13 Virgo

What is lazy? This word does not exist in their dictionary! They cannot do anything “okay” as they have to be the best at anything. If given a task, the outcome has to be perfect for them!


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