Diabetes prevention: Beware of these early warning signs of Type-2 diabetes; do not ignore them

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01/10 Having blood sugar levels that are consistently high can cause problems. levels can cause issues.

Diabetes is a severe disease that continues to be one of the biggest not-communicable diseases that affects people around the world. Research has revealed that 462 million people suffer from this condition as of the year 2000, with India being the country with the highest prevalence of diabetes.

In the wake of the pandemic, there’s also been a worrying increase in the number people who are suffering from “new diabetes or who are diagnosed with the disease due to the long-term life of sedentary and unhealthy diet.

02/10 Keep an eye out for these early warning signs of diabetes Type 2

It is a condition that manifests itself through impaired blood sugar levels as well as insulin resistance. It is primarily a pancreas issue but are felt throughout every body part. Similar to the common belief that the cause of diabetes is excessive sugar (it’s an endocrine disorder) There are, actually numerous indicators that your body attempts to warn you of when you’re blood sugar levels begin to drop.

03/10 Skin changes

Diabetes is often linked to more difficult healing of wounds as well as frequent bruises and cuts. Another thing that it may can do is alter the color and texture of skin.Having dry areas of skin that are itchy is a frequent indication of diabetes, but many people ignore. It is known as ‘acanthosis nuricans that can set into your body when you’ve had a disruption to thyroid levels appearing as dark folds that cover the neck, armpits or the groin region. The presence of excess insulin levels within the body may make the skin feel more thick than normal and can manifest as these signs.

04/10 Experiencing vision problems

Eye problems, such as blindness is often linked to the long-term effects of diabetes. But, it’s not often known that certain symptoms, like vision problems, are present at an early stage and should be addressed in the very first instance. The most important symptoms of vision problems that you may experience if you suffer from Type 2 diabetes, could be blurred vision, unclear vision. This is a sign that blood sugar levels are elevated than normal and can cause damage to certain blood vessels that are crucial within and around the eye. High levels of sugar can cause temporary loss of vision as well as modifications in your vision.

5/10 Frequent gum bleeding dry mouth

The health of our mouth and hygiene is directly linked to the level of blood sugar in the true sense. Experts often mention dry mouth’ and feeling excessively thirsty or thirsty could be a sign that is often overlooked of increasing blood sugar levels.

Dry mouth can be medically known as xerostomia and is a symptom of diabetes. Although there is no specific reason behind this condition, any indications for poor, or even worsening dental hygiene like dry lips, difficulties eating as well as frequent cuts or sores on the tongue, or dryness in the mouth may be indications to book yourself to have a blood sugar test.

06/10 Tingling, numbness in feet and fingers

The first sign that you’ve associated with Type-2 diabetes could include numbness or tingling sensations on the feet or in the hands. Alongside a feeling of fatigue and dizziness impaired blood sugar levels may cause nervousness, making people feel tremors and hands and the extremities. The symptoms can get worse as time passes and eventually develop into what’s known as diabetes neuropathy’. Although this condition may occur for people later in life even after having been identified with type-2 diabetes it could also be an indication to look out for, or if you suffer from prediabetes.

07/10 Regularly using the bathroom

Sometimes, urination that is more frequent than normal, could be an indication you have blood sugar levels that are fluctuating without warning. Although we all take breaks from the bathroom as an indication that our bladders are healthy needing to go to often to the bathroom, and often the urge to urinate can occur when the kidneys discover it difficult to regulate level of blood sugar that then leak out as urine. A specific sign to be aware of is when you feel an urge to urinate more often at evening.

08/10 Fatigue

A symptom of fatigue may create anxiety. It’s normal to feel exhausted and tired in the daytime or feeling exhausted or tired can be an indication of a blood sugar reading that aren’t quite to the mark, and are actually, are associated with “diabetes fatigue syndrome”.

Although there isn’t a specific motive or explanation for the reasons for this but it is believed that fluctuating or irregular blood glucose levels may be unable to provide the needed energy to the body. This could cause you to feel tired frequently. A poor diet, poor sleep, as well as other hormone imbalances may cause problems.

09/10 Irritability

Low mood, mood swings or feeling depleted from mental fatigue can be interpreted as indicators of deteriorating psychological health, stress or. But even the tiniest disturbance in blood sugar levels could cause you to feel anxious and irritable. You may also feel hungry (angry due to extreme hunger cravings). High blood sugar levels or even lows can be associated with increased anxieties, fears and mood irritation.

But, remember that irritability isn’t always the root cause of diabetes. Changes in mood, when you suffer from diabetes typically occur in conjunction with other indicators of low or high blood sugar levels and are not a singular issue.

10/10 Unexpected, unusual weight loss

With elevated blood sugar levels that cause the body to become insulin resistant managing weight could become a difficult problem. Although many diabetics struggle to shed weight and maintain BMI levels within a reasonable range The first sign of trouble is if you are losing weight rapidly and without even doing anything about it.

Although weight loss that isn’t expected may could be a sign of numerous health risks If the blood sugar level is unbalanced, the additional glucose levels may be absorbed by the kidneys and eliminated as urine which can cause you to lose weight fast even when you’re trying to avoid weight loss or believe you are eating more than normal.

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