The New Apple Silicon MacBook Pro Concept Shows iPad Pro-Like Rounded Corners Coupled With Slim Bezels and a Compact Chassis

The Apple Silicon MacBook Pro design isn’t something that was regularly mentioned in the countless wave of rumors we stumbled across. However, since it would sport a custom ARM-based chip, we can assume that Apple would aim to put the hardware inside a compact, but thoroughly rigid chassis. Looks like we’ll have to wait until … Read more

AirPods 3 Allegedly Smile for the Camera, Sporting an AirPods Pro-Like Design With Smaller Stem

The AirPods 3 are starting to get more traction in terms of relevant information, though it might take a while for customers to get their hands on these since they’re slated to arrive in 2021 alongside the second-generation AirPods Pro. One of the biggest differences between the AirPods 3 and its predecessors is the massive … Read more

Every Galaxy S21 Model Might Come Bundled With Samsung’s Wireless Galaxy Buds Beyond Instead of Wired AKG Earphones

Not bundling a pair of AKG wired earphones or a charger with any Galaxy S21 model would have come as a major blow for anyone wanting to upgrade to one of Samsung’s upcoming flagships. Then again, there is a silver lining in all of this because instead of getting a wired solution, customers may get … Read more

Upcoming Mac Pro With Apple Silicon Could Be ‘About Half the Size’ of the Current Model

With Apple expected to unveil new ARM-based Macs during its November 10 ‘One More Thing’ event, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind concerning the company’s plan to ditch Intel’s chips in favor of its own. In fact, according to a new report, Apple is taking it one step further; developing a workstation-class Apple Silicon … Read more

New 13-inch MacBook Air With Apple Silicon Could Undercut Competition With Its $799 Starting Price

By now, nearly all of you are aware of Apple’s rumored plan to unveil the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air, both of which will be treated to custom ARM-based silicon from the company. With the ‘One More Thing’ event expected to be held after just one week, we’re super excited to see what the company … Read more