Certain Cyberpunk 2077 Sections Could Lead to Seizures, According to Game Informer Editor

Cyberpunk 2077 is very close now to its December 10th launch date, eight years (and several delays) after the original announcement of the game. Some press colleagues have managed to get their hands on the title already. One of them, Game Informer Associate Editor Liana Ruppert, also revealed to have suffered a seizure while playing … Read more

NVIDIA’s Official Cyberpunk 2077 PC Benchmarks Show GeForce RTX 3080 & RTX 3090 Perfect For 1440p 60 FPS With Raytracing & DLSS, 4K Barely Hits 60 FPS

NVIDIA has posted its own official PC performance benchmarks for Cyberpunk 2077 running on various GeForce RTX 30 and GeForce RTX 20 GPUs. The benchmarks were carried off with RTX & DLSS enabled to showcase the full potential of its GeForce RTX hardware. NVIDIA Publishes Cyberpunk 2077 PC Performance Benchmarks With Ray Tracing & DLSS … Read more

Google & MY.GAMES Partner to Help Boost Mobile Gaming

MY.GAMES is a company we’ve spoken about a number of times in the past. The developer and publisher, formerly known as Mail.Ru, is pushing across several fronts. From driving forward in ‘AAA’ games to expanding the reach of their popular mobile and console titles, the company is always looking to expand into Europe and America. … Read more

Demon’s Souls Will Offer Over 180 Tips Through the PS5’s New “Game Help” Feature

Last month, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5’s user experience, with one of its more interesting and underappreciated additions being the new game help feature. Basically, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, during specific points in some games you’ll be able to access tips directly through the PS5’s UI, rather than having to search for answers … Read more

Apex Legends Season 7 Trailers Show Off Horizon’s Anti-Grav Moves and the Olympus Map

Apex Legends Season 7, entitled “Ascension,” drops this week, and Respawn has provided trailers showing new Legend Horizon in action as well as some of the sky-high Olympus map. Horizon wields various gravity-manipulating abilities, including a Gravity Lift that can boost allies (and enemies) to new heights, and a black hole that sucks up both enemies … Read more