Apple Discontinues All Intel-Based MacBook Air Models; Only M1 MacBook Air Available to Purchase

When Apple debuted its M1 chip in the new MacBook Air, the performance numbers the company shared were enough to believe that customers won’t need the Intel-based versions anymore. Well, Apple read our minds because if you visit the official page right now, there are only M1 MacBook Air models available to buy. It looks … Read more

The M1 MacBook Air Actually Has Two Chipset Variants to Buy, One With Smaller Number of GPU Cores

Apple announced three new products under its ARM-based Mac lineup. One was the M1 MacBook Air, followed by the M1 Mac mini, and lastly, the M1 MacBook Pro. All powered by the 5nm M1 silicon, Apple boasted huge performance and power efficiency gains when compared against similarly priced Windows 10 notebooks. However, when putting up … Read more