Are you a spendthrift or a frugal? Find out as per zodiac sign

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01/13 Find out your spending habits as per zodiac signs

This column has been written by Astrologer Vaeshnavy Sunil Joshi.

When it comes to shopping and spending money on things or experiences, all signs have their respective habits. Some are overruled by impulsive emotions while some are very practical with their spending habits. You could even be a “kanjoos” but it all depends on the planet that rules your zodiac sign! So here is a low down on how your zodiac sign handles his or her finances according to an astrologer.

02/13 Aries

Having Mars energy, Aries must put their intense energy into their savings and not just spending. Aries can go for impulsive shopping and end up spending a lot till they drop.

03/13 Taurus

Taurus being ruled by Venus, loves luxury and comfort. A Taurus could end up spending money on things that feel good even if they don’t need them. A Taurus would love to spend on luxury items, high quality products as they get tempted easily.

04/13 Gemini

Gemini being a bit of an unpredictable sign is surprisingly good at saving for things that matter to them. However boredom can make Gemini’s spend on things they don’t need.

05/13 Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon and can spend abundantly even on things that they could have received at a much lesser price from somewhere else. They can be prone to impulsive spending. It’s important for Cancerians to think and analyse before spending.

06/13 Leo

Leos have great skills dealing with Money as the sign is the King of all signs, ruled by sun. And a king always knows how to deal with finances the right way. Leos will save up for something big as they are all about going big. Leos can save and spend at the same time and are very smart at doing so.

07/13 Virgo

A Virgo is always going to analyse all the details before they spend their money. This doesn’t mean that they don’t spend freely. They would spend a good amount on things that seem to be adding value and not simply impulsively spend their money. They will pause to analyse always and then go ahead with it.

08/13 Libra

Librans have a mindset of balancing out their spending and saving habits. They will spend a little and save a little. Even though Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the sign of luxury and abundance, Librans always find a way to save up. In case they overspend, no one will ever know that a libra has actually spent their money because they will balance it out gracefully.

09/13 Scorpio

Usually Scorpions are good at saving their money but if something sweeps them off their feet, their bank account could take a serious hit and all of their monthly budget can be spent in one go itself. Focus on control, which they like very much, Scorpion should then be able to have good savings until retirement.

10/13 Sagittarius

Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, which is a planet of wisdom and expansion, usually spend on experiences like travel, adventure or spiritual books etc, than other things.

11/13 Capricorn

Capricorn being an earth sign is very much grounded and responsible when it comes to spending. They would spend on things that are exclusive and high quality and things that last long and are value for money, as everything is an investment for a Capricorn.

12/13 Aquarius

Being an Air sign, Aquarius thinks a lot about everything and will hardly ever impulsively spend. They usually have financial goals as a priority because they love being independent and free.

13/13 Pisces

Pisces being a highly emotional sign is an impulsive buyer. They can come under the influence of a huge sale or a good or average salesperson easily. They would be able to save well with the help of a friend/family member that is good with their finances or even financial advisor.

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